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Porkchop is a 2010 film written and directed by Emon Hardiman and with a budget of $3,000. The film is a bout a serial killer known to have a pigs head as a mask, he lives in West Virginia killing people in Camp Wood. The movie has some problems that really needed fixing, I know that cost of the movie was at about $3,000 but still this movies editing is all over the place and the sound is just so bad that sometimes you can't hear what the actors are saying. one thing that really got annoying was all the background noise you could hear the camera man breathing and at night you can hear the generator working. The film dose have some OK parts I really like the use of blood and some OK use of gore that makes it just a little bit more watchable. the acting was bad and I really hated the robot, it was just to annoying and unnecessary. one guy did remind me of a friend that I have a very awkward manchid. This movie is ok at most but it has lots of issues that needed to be fixed before it came out.

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