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Trick 'r Treat

"Trick r Treat" is a really unique horror anthology. Unlike most you will see, like "Creepshow", where the stories are all separate, and cut into different sections, all of the stories in this film are happening in the same place, at the same time. There are a couple of stories happening. A school principle and his son, a ghost story with a group of friends looking for some jack-o-lanterns, a couple who are arguing about Halloween spirit, a grumpy old man, and some girls who are trying to find a date to a party. All of these stories don't seem to be directly connected (or are they?), but all happen in the same town on Halloween night, and some within very close proximity to each other. The stories all take place in a fictional town in Ohio, and they are all fairly well written. The timelines made sense, the dialogue was great, and it didn't leave you wondering why when someone said or did something. The acting was pretty good. I would say definitely above average. And kids being written well, who can also deliver lines well is a huge plus. A lot of films can't pull that off. It wasn't necessarily over-the-top gory, but there was some decent gore peppered throughout the film. It also wasn't very scary, but it did have its moments of tension at times. all-in-all, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to watch a film about Halloween. It's a great horror film all around that any horror fan can appreciate.

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