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Scary Little Fuckers (Short Film)

"Scary Little Fuckers" is a short horror film from Nathan Suher that is an homage to films like "Gremlins" and "Critters". They are furry, they have glowing eyes, big sharp teeth, crab-like legs, and perhaps an undiagnosed STD or two? The film starts off with a man purchasing a couple of these "Fookahs" from a seedy shop. He tells the shopkeeper that they are a gift for his son, and after some... coaxing, convinces the shopkeeper to give them to him. Some broken rules, stage 3 herpes, and a few bodies later and the Fookahs are just getting warmed up. "Scary Little Fuckers" doesn't take itself too seriously, and the dialogue between the characters is pretty funny sometimes with a lot of cheesy humor mixed throughout. It was definitely written with that as the focal point. For a short film with a running time of less than 30 minutes, "Scary Little Fuckers" packs a lot of horror-comedy action that is really fun to watch. It has everything. Monsters, romance, comedy, a showdown, and even has some nice cinematography as well. The Christmas song during the ending credits "Go F Yourself [This Christmas]" by Niki Luparelli and Dan Burke is also really great. We really hope to see these Fookahs come back in a sequel, or perhaps even a feature length offering some day. And we definitely recommend checking this short film out over the coming holidays.

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