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Directed by Nils Taylor, and written by Taylor, and Nicole Marie Johnson, who also stars, [i]Quarries[/i] is an excellent indie horror film. The concept wasn't necessarily new but offered a nice take on the "lunatics in the woods hunting people" horror film scenario. It starts off with a couple of guys in the woods doing photography, who quickly learn that they are not welcome there, which sets a nice tone for the events to follow. The film continues on with a group of girls who meet up to go out backpacking. Each of the girls has their own unique personality and really comes into their own throughout the film without requiring obvious dialogue to tell a backstory about each one. Great job on the character development there, and for not overdoing it. The girls set off on their trip through the woods and mountains. As they make their way along, they run into some trouble with the same people the guys in the first scene did, and from there on it's a fight for survival for the ...

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3 Flies in a Widow's Web

Written by Josh Dietrich, and Calvin Morie McCarthy and also directed by Calvin Morie McCarthy, this 7th Street Productions feature is pretty good. The film is an anthology that consists of three stories. The first story (Fly One: "Before I Wake") is an urban legend called "The White Death", where some partygoers are telling ghost tales, and one recites a passage about The White Death that scares Jenny (Alysse Fozmark) more than anyone else, and Jenny is haunted for the following days to come. Her fiance doesn't seem to believe her and has his own agenda. Loved the story for this one, and the atmosphere was great. The sound really set the tone, and there were a couple of scenes that had some nice camera effects to add to it. Great job all around on this one. The second story (Fly Two: "Forever Amber Waves") is about Mark (Jon Ashley Hall), who comes home from work, and finds his wife Cindy (Marcella Laasch) cooking so that they have dinner with the new neighbors, the Pattersons. He ...

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Strip Club Massacre

We had the pleasure of watching "Strip Club Massacre" this weekend. It is an enjoyable indie horror film written by Bob Clark and Bruce Kilroy, and directed by Bob Clark. It's their writing and directorial debut in the film industry, and a good one at that. It stars Alicia Watson, Erin Brown aka Misty Mundae, and Courtney Riggs. The film opens following Megan (Alicia Watson), who is not having a very good day, to say the least. She has work trouble, relationship trouble, and after turning to her friend Amanda soon after gets into more trouble than she bargains for. Amanda's boyfriend Bobby gets her a job as a waitress at the strip club he owns as the previous waitress had stopped showing up. Soon after, she learns that the girls that dance there are not very pleasant, especially Jazz (Erin Brown). Jazz makes it very clear that she does not like Megan, and it shows flashbacks of some things that Jazz and her crew do to people they don't like. Megan decides that enough is enough after...

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