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Spirit Camp

Spirit Camp is a really nice throwback film with a lot of nostalgic value. It has a lot of the basic formula you would expect from one of those 1980's slashers. It has Cheerleaders, nudity, drugs, sex, booze, a camp, a killer, and the characters are all stereotypes you would expect in on of these films. This is a classic formula, and executed well here. The story is about a group of cheerleaders who are going to a cheerleading camp to improve their skills. The film doesn't actually go into much detail about the actual cheerleading part, as there wasn't a lot of time to fit that in, and it did feel like they could have touched on that a bit more when it comes to the story but it was a good premise to work from. There is also some classic misdirection when it comes to who the killer could be, and a final girl who is pretty easy to spot early on. The killer doesn't waste much time and gets to work on the cheerleaders pretty early in the film, but it does a good job spacing it ou...

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BNB Hell

BNB Hell is a horror film from director Andrew Jordan, and is his directorial debut. It's about a girl named Willa (Kimberly Woods) who is looking for her sister, who had gone missing a month earlier and traces her steps to a cheap Bed and Breakfast place. She meets a woman there nicknamed "Mommy", and another guest who she becomes friends with. She finds a GoPro camera that is used by houseguests to make vlogs or just film themselves doing anything from just hanging out to some kinky stuff. She also finds an entire box of memory cards, and starts watching them all in hopes to find clues about her sister's disappearance, and finds a lot more than just clues. It seems like they had a pretty good idea early on about where they wanted to end up with this film, and there are some nice spooky moments peppered in here and there throughout, but it then sort of changes course at some point. Also, some of the actions taken by the characters didn't make sense given the context...

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Directed by Nils Taylor, and written by Taylor, and Nicole Marie Johnson, who also stars, Quarries is an excellent indie horror film. The concept wasn't necessarily new but offered a nice take on the "lunatics in the woods hunting people" horror film scenario. It starts off with a couple of guys in the woods doing photography, who quickly learn that they are not welcome there, which sets a nice tone for the events to follow. The film continues on with a group of girls who meet up to go out backpacking. Each of the girls has their own unique personality and really comes into their own throughout the film without requiring obvious dialogue to tell a backstory about each one. Great job on the character development there, and for not overdoing it. The girls set off on their trip through the woods and mountains. As they make their way along, they run into some trouble with the same people the guys in the first scene did, and from there on it's a fight for survival for the ...

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