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Spidarlings is a surrealistic musical/horror film recently acquired by and distributed by Lloyd Kaufman and the team over at Troma. Written and directed by Salem Kapsaski, this film is about Eden (Sophia Disgrace) and Matilda (Rahel Kapsaski), a couple who are just trying to get by. They are living in squalor in a small, trashy house. Matilda works at a swanky bar called "Juicy Girls" but isn't making much money, and Eden is unemployed waiting for her disability money to come in. Their landlord stops by and puts them on notice and they have to scramble to come up with two years of owed rent. They meet a strange shop-owner named Mr. Banner who is played by Lloyd Kaufman himself, who shows them a spider, and Eden decides to buy it. Matilda isn't happy about it, but they take it home. Matilda goes to work, and after falling asleep the spider does some interesting things to Eden while Matilda is away. This begins a strange transformation and even stranger events to follo...

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The Child Remains

Inspired by events surrounding the infamous true story of the “Butterbox Babies", The Child Remains is easily one of the best indie horror films we have had the pleasure of watching. Written and directed by Michael Melski, The Child Remains is an atmospheric paranormal horror/thriller that has a lot of depth, and a really great story that isn't common in most horror films. The story starts in 1973 at a home for unwed mothers called "Mercy". Some pretty bad things happened there, and the house has some interesting history to say the least. It picks back up in present day where a husband and wife Rae (Suzanne Clément), and Liam (Allan Hawco) show up to a now Bed and Breakfast inn called "Mersey" so that they can celebrate Rae's Birthday. When they get there they find that they are in for much more than the relaxing birthday weekend they had in mind when the dark past of the house begins to reveal itself. When they arrive, they find Monica (Shel...

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Dolly Deadly

Dolly Deadly is a film from Wretched Productions, written and directed by Heidi Moore, and starring Justin Moore as Benji. Benji is a child who lived with his mother and her dolls in a trailer until his mother died and was taken from him. Years later he is forced to live with his grandma Mitzy and her freeloading boyfriend. Benji's only friends are his mom's dolls. and they are good friends. The first thing to mention about this film is that it has a very unique artistic direction. It is somewhat of a slow-burn , and has a lot of imagery and story, but then takes a sharp turn into an inferno.. It's normally hard to pull something like this off in an indie production, but this film came together very nicely. There are a lot of cut scenes, and different artistic direction taken in shots from different characters' perspectives, and they were all done well. Nothing seemed out of place at all. Given the many different perspectives that were used, this film did a great job with pain...

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