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Butcher the Bakers

Butcher The Bakers is a comedy/horror film from Hometown Hero Productions, and director Tyler Amm. It was co-written by Tyler Amm and Virginia Campbell. It starts off with the story being centered around a bakery called "The Ottawa Bakery" and the two guys who are running it, Martin (Ryan Matthew Ziegler) and Sam (Sean Walsh). Unbeknownst to them, there is a much more serious situation developing around them because a grim reaper and previous Romanian knight from the days of the crusades named Dragomir or "Drag" (Mike Behrens) has been fired and is now mortal. But Drag is now out killing people and collecting souls. His former boss Lance The Commissary (Alex Dittmer) who has just fired him just happens to be sitting outside the bakery at closing time and recruits Martin and Sam to help him kill the now mortal former grim reaper believing they are stout of heart. Martin and Sam agree to help Lance kill Drag for a bunch of gold in return. Drag recruits some oth...

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"1644 The English Civil War rages between the Royalists and Parliament. While death and suffering consume the land, the threat of occult practices and heresy spreads fear into the minds of those still standing." Hex is the debut period-piece horror film from co-writers/directors George Popov, and Jonathan Russell. The film is about enemy soldiers Richard (Daniel Oldroyd) and Thomas (William Young) who are the last two remaining of a battle that took place and ended before the film begins. The soldiers both survived and come back to consciousness to find each other there on the battlefield, and the rest of the soldiers have either died in battle or have left. They confront each other, and after a short fight, Richard chases Thomas into a nearby forest after injuring him. They both soon realize that there is something else in the forest with them, and that they need to work together if they are to survive. For being an indie film with a very small cast and crew, the...

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The Redeeming

The Redeeming is a horror/suspense/psychological thriller that is the feature-length directorial debut from director Brian Barnes. The film was written by Roger Thomas, and Barnes and Thomas had previously also worked together on a TV series called Persona as writer and director. They did a great job combining their efforts for this film. The film starts off with a woman named Joyce (Tracey Ann Wood) looking out at the ocean. She then returns home, and after losing her electricity has a visitor knocking at the door (Ryan Wichert) who says he is injured and needs help. She reluctantly lets him inside. Joyce decides to take a look at her visitor's arm and reveals to him that she used to work with nurses. As there is a terrible storm outside, she invites him to stay for the evening so that he can keep out of the storm and his arm can heal. He later tells her his name is John. The characters are complex and have an element of mystery about them right from the beginning. S...

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